t-pan tecnologia
Thanks to our most advanced technologies, the technical qualities of our panels and their design are of extremely high standards. The aim is to obtain the greatest mechanical and dimensionalperformances of the finished product. This is possible thanks to a vacuum pressing system, in discontinuous, which allows to obtain really painstaking and high quality sandwich panels. The maximum dimensions of the panels are 14×3 metres in one piece, without inserts. The above-mentioned characteristics are guaranteed by a production technology based on the previous automated mixing and the next “hand-made” gluing with the two components polyurethanic glue which enables our workers to verify the uniform spread of the glue and to know for certain to obtain a very compact product without air in the sticking areas.

t-pan tecnologia 2After having been pressed the panels are squared and milled on a CNC machining centre, 5 axis, dimensions 10×3 metres, which allow to get very precise and perfectly repeteable workings. The afore said working techniques characterized by technologically advanced machineries and the presence of high skilled workers, enable to obtain sandwich panels with high quality performances. The productive structure, working in discontinuous, allows the company to execute the orders without the need of minimun stock and to produce panel with very different features and applications.