Sandwich panel: GRPlaminates gelcoat finishes suitable to the contact with foodstuffs (on demandit is possible to deliver panels with different colours of GRP skins). Corefoam: polyurethane high density.


Total thickness from 10mm up 55mm
Max dimensions 14×3 metres
GRP skins GRP laminates gelcoat finish
protection film thickness from 1,1mm up 3mm
and with different glass fibre content
Core foam expanded polyurethane foam density di 250-320-490 Kg/mc
Bonding two-components polyurethanic glue
Exercise temperature from -30 C° up +70 C°
Tolerances thickness +0/-1mm lenght-width +/-2mm

Theoretical weight examples

Thickness mm 10 GRP thickness 1,6mm
core foam expanded polyurethane thich. from 6mm
density 320 Kg/mc
Weight= 7,52 Kg/mq
Thickness mm 24 GRP thickness 1,6mm
core foam expanded polyurethane thick. from 20mm
density 250 Kg/mc
Weight = 10,6 Kg/mq

Note: The above data refer to values deduced from our reference production and are subject to variations due to the tolerances of the raw materials used. T-pan s.r.l. will not take the responsibility for applications not suitable for the correct use of our products.